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HighlandFrog Project

Welcome to the HighlandFrog Community

Here at your community space, you will find the information necessary to achieve and thrive in backcountry athletics. The details provided through this space are written from extensive personal experiences by those who have not only been there, but that have done it and then furnished those experiences with original writing and photos to assist you in all your wilderness pursuits. Whether it's hiking, climbing, backpacking, camping, paddling, angling, road-tripping or however you enjoy the great outdoors, HighlandFrog has your back!

You will also gain information about diet, training for your next adventure, hacks to sharpen and supplement your expertise, and practical medical knowledge to keep yourself and your merry band of thrill-seekers fit to explore another day.

HighlandFrog is structured in a straightforward, high-speed low-drag, design making locating details easy and quick so that you spend more time exploring outside and less time searching online. You can employ the site search (on the header of every page) or the tag cloud and archive (both located on all article pages) to find exact and related particulars. On your Home page you will find the latest articles regarding all things adventure and outdoors. Along the menu bar genres of backcountry athletics are categorized so you can focus on your specific wilderness athletic. There is a Tunes tab where you can access custom playlists to augment your recreation wherever you are. Find out what this community is all about and get to know the HighlandFrog Team on the About page, and while you're there sign up for the communities newsletter so you're always connected and up to date.

I'm glad you're here, and congrats on being an original part of this new first-rate community of backcountry athletes while it's still at the ground level. We plan to build this space into a one-stop-shop for all things adventure, stick around and grow with us! Help spread the word and further your membership by joining the conversation and liking/ following on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Now, let's go explore!

We'll see you in the Highlands!

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