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Going The Distance For A Cure

The AT as is traverses the White Mountains

What's your favorite part of a camping trip? Is it the sweet aroma of a campfire? Maybe conversations with old friends that drowns out the fire's crackle and pop? Is it the complete and utter silence of solitude? Could it be the accomplishment of conquering a mountain that just hours earlier loomed over you daring you to hike up? And what about those views? Who doesn't love wildlife encounters (certain animals excluded, of course, I'm looking at you bear!)?

While I enjoy the whole bunch I must admit I fall under the "accomplishment" banner. That being the case, what greater accomplishment is there than thru hiking the Appalachian Trail? What's that you say? Hunting and foraging instead of picking up drop boxes whilst hiking. Well, yea sure, but I'm not a survivalist, I'm a hiker!

I am setting off on the AT NoBo (NorthBound, Georgia to Maine) with a great friend, Andy and his two year old boxer, Zoey. Andy and I have been talking about this for nearly four years and it's finally time to shut up and lace up!

I just recently finished a tour teaching English as a second language in Southern Colombia (insert Narco's reference here). I am not an educator by trade but an economist or at least I have a bachelor’s in Economics. After a short stint as an intern at an investment firm I realized an office job was not in my future. I became a zip-line tour guide and waited tables for a while before receiving an email from my cousin about a job opening for teaching English in Colombia. Four weeks later I was in the airport with two large backpacks ready to move to South America for six months. Those 6 months quickly became 18 months. While I hope my time in Colombia isn't over, it's now time for the next adventure!

Many people ask me why I'm hiking the trail. George Mallory's "Because it's there!" comes to mind. The challenge in and of itself sure does entice, but I’m also raising money for a cause near and dear to my heart.

When I was four years old my mother was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, a miserable brute of a disease. MS attacks the central nervous system causing those severely affected to use a wheelchair, such is the case with my mother. Don't be sorry for her, she's stronger than you can every hope to be. Don't be sorry for me, she gives me the courage to face any obstacle that stands in my way, head on. Be sorry for MS! It picked the wrong mamma jamma to mess with. With your help and support we can rid the world of this awful disease one step at a time.

I am ready to start this adventure and lucky to share it with y'all. Be on the lookout for future articles about our journey, and keep in touch right here at, HighlandFrog's Facebook Page, which if you havent already, "like" it for updates on articles, and our personal Instagram account twobeardsandabitch!

If you're interested in finding out more, and contributing to my cause, please visit my HikeFor account. Thanks for your support!

One step at a time.


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