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So, what’s the deal with the frog?  

The frog is a very diverse creature, it can survive and even thrive in multiple climates.  Contrary to popular belief, there are frogs that inhabit every habitable topography and environment on earth.  Frogs are found along the cliffs of South American mountains, the subarctic regions of Siberia and Scandinavia, the entire region of north and south America, as well as Asia and Africa.  This may be surprising considering the frog is, to many, a sensitive creature confined to the calm warmth of a small pond or stream in deciduous forests and tropical jungles. 


We would like to apply this same change and reinforcement of image to the human and what we are capable.  It's amazing what we can accomplish; there is no terrain or climate out of our reach that we can't find a way to flourish in.  It boils down to mindset and some physical conditioning. 


At HighlandFrog you will find the motivation and resources necessary to accomplish any type of wilderness adventure! 



Cory regularly travels to, and explores, various topographies and wildernesses wherever they are.  He has experienced the alpines of Alaska, deserts of the South West States, snow capped Rockies, tree covered Appalachians, and the mountains of the Pacific North West.  He enjoys studying and sharing about advanced wilderness medicine, land navigation, winter/ backcountry survival, lead climbing, and alpine trekking.  During his expeditions he takes the photos found on this site.  He also has a double degree in English and Writing, Rhetoric, and Digital Studies.

Team Contributor

Toy is an outdoorsman through and through.  The only thing he loves more than fresh mountain air is his family.  He enjoys backpacking, fly-fishing, and coming up with ways to efficiently combine the two for explorations through the rugged mountains and waters of the west.  Anytime he’s in the backcountry he has a fishing pole of some kind in his arsenal.  Fly-fishing is his method of choice but he chases fish however they’ll be chased even through ice.  When he's not fishing he's thinking about it and ways to refine technique.  He has a complete disregard for conditions and will go out into whatever nature has to offer.  Nonetheless, most of all he enjoys writing about his adventures and sharing his experience.

Team Contributor

Geoffrey loves to get out and see the world. He has traveled throughout Europe, Latin America, parts of Africa, and all over these United States. He loves the mountains, beaches, forests and deserts. If there's a trail he'll hike it. He taught English as a second language in Colombia for two years, but returned home to thru-hike the Appalachian Trail and raise funds for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society in 2016. He successfully completed the entire trail and raised over $4500.

Additional Team Members to contribute soon!

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