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Dealing With The Predictions Of A Rodent

Mountains In Lake Tahoe

Spring is a confusing and unpredictable time often filled with hopes and disappointments. One minute the sun is shining appearing as though it’s finally here to stay while the next a sleet storm blows through dashing all hopes. Spring is such a crazy time that we rely on a groundhog and its shadow to tell us what’s going to happen. We hope that some how this rodent has a more sophisticated and closer connection with nature and can actually sense the coming warmth or continuing cold. Only to find that even a creature with supposed close seasonal ties has no clue either way.

We get the full spectrum of conditions from sunny days, to torrential down pours, to snow flurries, to tornado speed winds, and the shifting forecasts roll in from our weather apps with every passing moment. Plans have to be made in the spur of the moment since you never know what next weekend will bring. And what’s happening with the weather when you leave for a trail may not be happening when you arrive.

It’s not all bad news though, the shift and varying weather is a sure sign that warmer months and sunshine are close. For now we just have to enjoy all that this crazy unique season called spring has to offer, which is a cool mix of all the seasons. So charge forward on your pursuits don't be held back! Hike a trail, climb a boulder or rock face, and backpack through the wilderness. Just remember to pack a warm rain jacket, sunscreen, some thermal clothes, shorts, sunglasses, and waterproof boots to cover all the bases and keep yourself prepared for whatever this season has to throw at you!

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