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Water Bottle Tape Hack

Tape Wrapped Water Bottle Ready For Action

It’s difficult to pack light and still manage to carry everything you need. That’s why “two is one and one is none” is a good motto to keep. If something serves multiple purposes or you can find a way for it to serve more than one, it’s probably worth its weight. Duct tape isn’t always something that’s on the top of the gear list, but unexpected things happen on the trail, from gear mishaps to medical issues, and duct tape is a good “fix all” to keep handy.

Here’s an easy and quick hack to ensure you have two essentials in one. Grab your water container and wrap a few layers of duct tape around it. You can wrap different rows in varying widths to accommodate different uses. These uses could include fixing a hole in your tent, repairing your bag, holding a bandage to an injury, and any number of other fixes to backcountry mishaps. By doing this you’re sure to always have your tape available since it’s a part of your water container, which you should always have.

This hack also adds grip to your water bottle both in your hand and keeping it in place on your bag. It also enables you to tailor it to your personal style with all the various colors and prints that duct tape is available in now. Furnishing it with colored and printed tape will also keep your water bottle easy to spot even if it’s mixed up with your fellow adventurers similar gear or dropped in brush along your route or misplaced in your campsite.

Tape Wrapped Water Bottle Showing Various Possible Widths

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