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Earth Laughs In Flowers

Meadow of Indian Paint Brush and other Wildflowers

Not that we need another excuse to venture into the wilderness, but just in case, now and in the coming months, depending on where you are, is prime time to experience the explosion of spring wildflowers. As you read this, much of the southern hills, forests, and deserts are bursting with vast native colors, and the northern mountains and meadows are soon to follow. So if you plan accordingly your backcountry wildflower experience could go on for the next few months.

White Wildflowers

Indian Paint Brush

While we wait for the lush leaves of deciduous trees to sprout, we can delight in the short time they’re bursting with white, pink, purple and various other colors before they shadow their forest floors with the beauty of endless green. And what would be better than trekking through or setting up camp in a meadow freshly carpeted in, and alive with, endless colors and aromas. Even the deserts of the southwest are awakening with cactus blossoms and other colorful flowers that only call that climate home.

Wildflowers In Washington's Cascades

These wildflowers add extra vitality to landscape photographs and make great pictures alone, not to mention how they awaken our senses after a gloomy winter. Researchers have found that flowers directly affect our emotions, which is not so surprising since we relate flowers directly with life. And as backcountry athletes we live life to the fullest. During winter many suffer from seasonal depression and only begin to recover as nature revives from its dormancy. So getting out into wilderness during spring is like uber therapy not only can we escape into the peace of nature, but we are also surrounded with an abundance of new life sure to get those positive endorphins pumping in overload.

Emerson is quoted saying: “Earth laughs in flowers.” And what better way to break out of the frosty chill of winter than to join in with, and enjoy, nature’s laughter as warmer months move in. Hit a trail and enjoy the colors and adventure that only this time of year provides.

Small Blue Wildflower
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