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3 Ways To Create A Lasting Impression This Valentine's Day

A wilderness sunset

As of today Valentine’s Day is only nine days away, but I’m sure you knew that. You’ve probably been pacing around trying to come up with the best way to impress your crush or significant other, outside of the cliché norm. You really want to impress them with a special time and experience that they’ll remember, but most of all you want it to be time they’ll remember spending with you. Am I right?

Luckily Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday this year, which means you’ll have the whole weekend and, for most, work shouldn’t be a problem. So why not combine your two loves and take your Valentine on an adventure outside this year? Couples who share similar interests and help each other grow, especially in life experiences, tend to have strong and lasting bonds. Even if your Valentine isn’t much for the outdoors, at least maybe not as much as you are, you may spark a new interest or at least create a lasting positive memory.

Here are a few ideas to create a lasting impression this Valentine’s Day!

Spot Each other:

Spend the day climbing together. Head out to a nearby boulder field and work a few routes together or for the more adventurous, pack up your ropes and get a little more technical on a rock face. If natural rock formations aren’t convenient, climb together at your local climbing gym. Climbing requires teamwork, whether belaying on traditional climbs or spotting on a boulder, and it’s sure to keep you both close while supporting each other and working together.

Explore together:

Hop in the car and head to a nearby National Park or wilderness area and explore a trail. Discovering a new area together is an exciting experience that you both will remember, share, and build upon. Trails, especially during this time of year, are quiet and allow for seclusion not found during the busy summer season. So there’s a good chance you’ll have this new and engaging area to yourselves, creating a more intimate and exciting experience.

Visit a Billion Star Cafe:

Grab your camp stove along with your camp pot, water, and your choice of hot beverage mix and toss it all in your daypack; you’re about to create an exclusive café for two. Once evening is nearing set out on your favorite trail to that big boulder that over looks a mountain pond or your favorite high overlook. And treat your Valentine to a hot cup of coco, chi latte, or herbal tea while you both enjoy the scenery as the sun slowly sets and the billions of stars overhead begin to shine. This could be at the end of a long day hike or an adventure all its own. Be sure to bring along a couple headlamps for the dark hike back.

No matter which, or perhaps a variation, of these you choose, it’s always memorable sharing something you love with a loved one, whether this is a new experience for them or building on what you both already enjoy together. Nonetheless, you’re sure to create a lasting impression with help from the excitment that only the outdoors can provide.

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