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Defend Your Hydration from the Cold

Check out this simple cold weather water hack that's sure to keep things easy in the backcountry this winter!

The temps are dropping, which means some extra precautions are in order for your next wilderness adventure.

Ensure your hydration- it’s equally important in winter as in summer; unfortunately water has a bad habit of freezing, even when carried.

Water freezes first where it’s exposed to air. In the case of water contained in a bottle, that air is usually between the lid and the surface of the fluid when carried right side up. Prevent being ice dammed from your refreshment by simply storing your bottle upside down wherever you normally and accessibly keep it.

By doing this you expose the bottom, and inaccessible side of the container, to the empty air and keep the drinking side clear. If the opening does freeze in this position, however, it's alot easier to break through than if the water were blocked behind a sheet of ice midway down into the bottle (as you can see in the image below).

This technique also works well after you've selected a spot to set up camp and need to store your water overnight. Just find something in your tent, within reach, to lean it against like the corner of the tent your boots or leave it capsized in your upright standing bag, this way you have it when you need it.

Do this simple hack to keep things easy, your H2O obtainable, and maintian balance in yourself and your pursuits.

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