19 Oct 2017

Mesa Verde (literally “green table”) is great because it provides more than just fantastic wilderness hiking trails, it’s a way to experience ancient...

14 Sep 2017

Journeying into the backcountry with friends is much safer and can be a great time. However, people just piss you off sometimes, and they’re the reaso...

22 Aug 2017

Nearly everyone on the continent (maybe the world?) has either been to, or at least seen a picture of, the largest canyon in the world, the Grand Cany...

13 Jun 2017

Great Sand Dunes National Park is a unique location in the San Luis Valley of southern Colorado. It contains 30 square miles of Sahara-like sand dunes...

13 Jul 2016

With mountains to trek and ski, canyons and boulder fields to climb, and everything in-between, Utah really has it all, it’s actually really surprisin...

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